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Salts Massage

Back Treatment

 $160 - 60 minutes

Get ready for summer!  This Back treatment provides effective exfoliation to address back acne, dry skin, and various common back conditions.  Ideal for all skin types, and especially recommended for congested skin.  Soothe inflammation and redness, or just soften the skin for a beautiful glow.
The back is resurfaced with 40% Glycolic and Proteolytic Enzyme, followed by thorough extractions and hydration.

Jessner Chemical Peel

60 minutes $260

For a more advanced Back treatment solution, the Jessner Peel by Therapon is ideal to soften acne scars and reduce pigmentation and discoloration. Whether you are getting ready for a swimsuit summer, or you just need to feel confident about your back, this treatment can make a significant change.  Peeling can take up to two weeks so get ready to shed some skin. 

Please note, that you can not have any sun exposure for at least one week prior and one week post treatment.

A great solution during the winter and spring season. 

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